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BarricAle at #FoBAB 2014

  Hey Everyone, What is BarricAle? That’s a great question!! More info, coming soon…     [...]

Hamburger Mary’s: Total. World. Domination.

In April Hamburger Mary’s made the jump across the pond, opening their first international location in Berlin, Germany. Last month, the Illinois Craft Brewer’s Guild caught up with head brewer and co-owner Brandon Wright at Mary’s [...]

Nick Barron: Goose Island Clybourn’s Newest Brewmaster

There are many changes happening in the Chicago craft beer scene. Most of these changes revolve around new breweries opening up or popular out-of-state breweries finally distributing their wares to our fine city. But another change [...]

The ICBG Guide to Craft Beers for Valentine’s Day

  Ready for romance this Valentine’s Day? You’re going to need the right beverage to help Cupid’s arrow hit its target. Wine or champagne have been the traditional go-to drinks for lovers, but there’s no reason [...]

I am a Big Illinois Beer Enthusiast

  Are you as enthusiastic about your Illinois craft beer as we are? Of course you are! That’s why the Board of Directors of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild have completely revamped the ImBIBE program, and [...]

Thanksgiving Day: Food and Illinois Craft Beer Pairings

We at the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild love Thanksgiving! What’s not to like? You pretty much have free reign to be a glutton for 24 hours. We were a little concerned that wine seems to be [...]

Brant Dubovick: Head Brewer of Dryhop & Guild Board Secretary

There are those individuals that sit around and wait for things to happen. And then there are those that take a more active role. A perfect example of the latter is Brant Dubovick, the former Head [...]

“Bigger, Better, Fresher”: A Chat with RAM Brewer Tom Nelson

I have never been to a RAM Restaurant and Brewery before and, I admit, I had already labeled it as a ‘chain brewery’ before I had even experienced the beer. What better way to combat misconceptions [...]

Richard Grant – “I’m living the dream. But it really is the dream”

Questions for Richard Grant (Head Brewer & Owner), Finch’s Beer Company   Richard Grant is a guy that loves his beer. From his first attempt at homebrewing on a dry campus, to taking the role of [...]

Interview with Gabriel Magliaro from Half Acre Brewery

Gabriel Magliaro is the founder of Half Acre Brewing Company. He is also a fellow that truly loves beer. He loves making it, talking about it, drinking it, and earlier this month I had a chance [...]