Tickets for all three #FoBAB 2014 sessions go on sale at 10:00AM, August 25th through Ticketmaster.

You can preview the Ticketmaster links below:


Friday 6 – 10

Saturday 1 – 5

Saturday 6 – 10





The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild



The 12th Annual Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer

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CHICAGO—Wednesday July 17th


It’s that time of the year again –

The Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer (#FoBAB) and The National Wood Aged Beer Competition. #FoBAB celebrates the brilliance of barrel-aging beer on wood, and is orchestrated by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild (#ICBG).


This is the country’s largest celebration of wood and barrel aged beer, highlighting styles of beer that have been aged in a wooden barrel or in contact with wood. Enjoy a sampling from our selection of beers, which may or may not be available commercially from breweries across the country.



This year, FoBAB will be held on two days, November 14th and 15th:

UIC Forum

725 W Roosevelt Rd.

Chicago, IL 60607



Over 90 breweries and 300 individual beers will be pouring at tables spread within an expanded 23,000 square foot space. Additional tickets for each session will be available this year. Catering services and food trucks will be available for purchase as well.



For the first time in our 12 year history, we will host multiple sessions over a two day period:


Friday, November 14th: 6:00 – 10:00PM ***ImBIBE members receive early entry at 5:00PM***

Saturday, November 15th: 1:00 – 5:00PM, 6:00 – 10:00PM


The #ICBG will also introduce a very rare project for the very first time. A project at this level has never been revealed in any wooden or barrel-aged beer event. Barricale features barrel-aged beers from more than 20 Illinois craft breweries. Wild Turkey barrels are the variable this year, as brewers filled empties with their craft beer of choice. Some beers have been sitting for 12 months, 6 months and even at 3 months. Come visit the ImBIBE Pouring Station at FoBAB this year and taste the different nuances of each Illinois hand-crafted barrel-aged beer. Talk to each brewer and find out exactly why they chose to work with the beers they did. This project is sponsored by Goose Island Brewing Co.



The National Wood Aged Beer Competition is judged by a panel of industry experts prior to the public sessions. Each beer is judged on the basis of how that underlying style reflects the expression of wood and/or barrel character. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded in 11 categories as well as “Best of Show.”

2014 National Wood-Aged Beer Competition (Style Categories):

1. Classic Porter/Stout

2. Strong Porter/Stout

3. Barleywine/Wheatwine

4. Classic Styles

5. Strong/Double/Imperial Pale Beer

6. Strong/Double/Imperial Dark Beer

7. Fruit Beer

8. Experimental Beer

9. Wild Beer/Brett

10. Wild Beer/Acidic

11. Cider/Perry/Mead


A call for brewers has been released: www.illinoisbeer.com/fobabentry

General Admission tickets for the festival cost $55 and include 15 tastings. Ticket sales will be announced soon.


About Illinois Craft Brewers Guild

The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 dedicated to promote the development and expansion of the craft beer industry in Illinois. Its efforts are focused on the following areas:

1.Legislative/Regulatory – To allow the Guild a voice in addressing all issues, governmental or other, which affect the regulation of our industry.

2. Education – To provide opportunities for its members to further their brewing knowledge and to educate the consumer about the benefits and varieties of craft beer, and to encourage responsible, moderate consumption.

3. Promotion – To promote its members and their products to other brewers, suppliers, legislators, tourists and the general public.




For more information contact:


Erin Parchert

Illinois Craft Brewers Guild





Justin Maynard

Illinois Craft Brewers Guild



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About Author

The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 dedicated to promote the development and expansion of the craft beer industry in Illinois. Follow them at @illinoisbeer on twitter.

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  16. Are the dates set for FOBAB 2013 & if not, when will they be determined? Is it always the 3rd weekend in Nov? I live down South & would like to make it up there but need to plan a trip way in advance. (Down south as in Alabama, not Joliet, IL!)

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