The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild (ICBG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to unify the Illinois brewing community. We are comprised of brewers, wholesalers, retailers and craft beer enthusiasts focused on promoting Illinois beer, assist in the sales of Illinois-crafted beer within the state, and educate and protect the interests of craft brewers in the State of Illinois.

As a trade association run solely by volunteer members, we rely heavily on the efforts put forth by Members and volunteers alike. Financially, Guild members pay dues in order to sustain the health and growth of our organization. One of the main benefits of becoming a member of the ICBG is to singularly stand out from the crowd of mediocrity; to become noticed and well-respected within the industry of craft beer. Not only will you receive the benefits of Membership, but you will also have the chance to promote your affiliation as a Member with the craft breweries of Illinois, becoming a beacon of independence from the conglomerate of BMC.

Your Membership entitles you to many valuable benefits not offered to the public:

  • Representation in Springfield, IL – (Regular)
  • Logo and website linked to website – (Regular, Associate)
  • Featured written articles via – (Regular, Associate)
  • Free Shipping to GABF – (Regular)
  • Replicale Project – (Regular, Associate)
  • Promotion at Guild signature beer events – (Regular, Associate)
  • Invites to Guild sponsored meeting – (Regular, Associate)
  • IMBIBE Program – (Enthusiasts)
  • Networking opportunities – (Regular, Associate, Enthusiasts)

Interested in joining us? Now is the time. Click on our “Contact” page and express your interest in becoming part of craft beer’s fastest growing association in the Midwest.