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Ready for romance this Valentine’s Day? You’re going to need the right beverage to help Cupid’s arrow hit its target. Wine or champagne have been the traditional go-to drinks for lovers, but there’s no reason to leave craft beer out of your romantic evening. If you’re hoping to make sparks fly, these four beers from Illinois Craft Brewers Guild members will set the mood better than a box of chocolates.


Coffee Eugene – Revolution Brewing Company


ABV: 6.8%

The night is young and, since it’s February, bitterly cold. Start your evening of romance with Revolution’s Coffee Eugene, an offshoot of their canned Eugene Porter that’s been aged with whole Dark Matter coffee beans. The dark chocolate malt will warm you both from the inside out while the powerful coffee aroma arouses your sense of smell. No need to worry about any aftertaste ruining the mood. Revolution adds the coffee beans in the bright tank, not the boil, keeping the bitterness minimal and the aroma up front.




La Grippe – Solemn Oath Brewery

Imperial Black Saison

ABV: 10%


They say chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Luckily for you, La Grippe is loaded with chocolate malt, making it a rich, roasty delight. Farmhouse spices balance out the sweets. Hopefully, you’re both open minded, because there’s so much body in this beer, you’ll be thinking “threesome.”And when that kind of opportunity comes along, you don’t worry about the consequences.




Big John – Goose Island

Imperial Stout with Cacao Nibs

ABV: 11.5%


Innuendo is everything in the game of seduction, and Big John never disappoints. From the moment this beer hits the glass, you’re immersed in its intense aroma. Powerful chocolate overtones pulsate in waves from the cacao nibs as this thick serum delights your tongue. Simply said, there’s nothing small about Big John.








5 Lizard – 5 Rabbit Cerveceria

Latin-Style Witbier

ABV: 4.3%


Let’s get right down to it. 5 Lizard is named after Macuilcuetzpalin, one of the five Aztec gods of excess and desire. That alone should be reason enough to include it on your short list of Valentine’s Day beverages. And while chocolate often reigns supreme on Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean other scents and tastes can’t tantalize your senses. 5 Lizard will take you both by surprise after an evening of dark, heavier brews. Alive with bright, playful ingredients, like passion fruit purée and lime peel, it’s sure to refresh and revive you for the evening’s finale.




Sure, there are many ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day, but do any of them really compare to a well-crafted,  flavorful beer? Which beers have worked wonders for your romantic encounters?

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